European Facilities

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In February 2015, Albaugh Europe Sarl purchased Pinus TKI d.d. in Rače Slovenia. 

Pinus was founded in 1888, and has been producing quality crop protection products for over 50 years.  For Albaugh, Pinus offered the capability to produce quality crop protection products in Europe with a technically qualified workforce.

Since the acquisition, Pinus has been renamed as Albaugh TKI d.o.o.  The name change represents to the employees and community the opportunity for a new start.  Albaugh embarked on a five-year investment program in 2015 of investing millions of euro in the Rače facility improving the facilities and capacities while bringing health, safety, and environmental standards up to our global standards.

In Rače, Albaugh has variety formulation production capabilities that allows us to provide the highest quality of products with the best customer service.  Rače is centrally located within Europe, allowing in most cases, one day transit times to most of our customers.  We have our own Quality Control laboratory where every production batch is tested for quality to ensure that all Albaugh Europe products meet the satisfaction of our customers.