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Albaugh Europe –  Your Alternative.

A leading European alternative of post-patent crop protection products, Albaugh Europe was launched in 2007 by Albaugh, LLC of the United States as a strategic move to expand its international footprint into the crucial European agricultural market.

To be the leading post-patent alternative for crop protection products globally.

To create value for our customers by applying our unique efficiencies to provide a broad and sustainable portfolio of high quality, competitively-priced post-patent crop protection products.


With the tactical backing of this long established global parent and an experienced management team, Albaugh Europe has rapidly developed innovative product formulations, created key customer relationships and built strategic distribution alliances all across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. This and its excellent technical pre- and post-sales service have continuously supported its growth, multiplying its distribution network throughout region.

Based in Switzerland with offices in a number of EU countries, Albaugh Europe has obtained registrations in over 42 countries for products based on a range of active ingredients, including  glyphosate, copper fungicides, propyzamide, chlorothalonil, clomazone, tribenuron, flufenacet, florasulam, dicamba, difufenican, 24D, and mesotrione.

International structure, experienced management, continuous development, expanding product portfolio and customer satisfaction are Albaugh Europe’s concrete achievements and future commitments to providing innovative post-patent crop protection products for maximum crop yields and top financial returns.

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